Following are the Rules to Submit Sweepstakes

  • Giveaway must be free (no money cost) to enter.
  • Giveaway must have a complete set of official rules.
  • Total prize value must be minimum $50.
  • Giveaway must be live when submitted.
  • Adult or illegal giveaways not accepted
  • If you want to be sure your giveaway will be approved, please select Featured listing. We do not approve all giveaways!
  • All listings are manually approved and we reserve the right to modify the formatting of your listings to adapt the style of the site or reject any listing that may not suit the interests of our readers or does not comply with our guidelines.
  • We try our best to make your sweepstake viral. But the result depends on many factors like type of sweepstake, time of launch, type of prize, entry type, brand reputation, etc.

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