About us

Being a tech enthusiast I decided to write about the stuff that I like and feel that others who are like me and want to know more about the technology related stuff.

how2redeem is a product of topics that I have learned in all areas related to How To Redeem, blogging, tech, seo, govt schemes. here all information is personal research and written by me so everyone can relate to this.

So this journey started with passion. Everyday whatever I learned about tech or other things related to this field I have written it down, so it can help others.

All the readers of how2redeem,  I really feel loved & grateful for the response, you are my inspiration, your interest in how2redeem made me work hard, add value to this site to bring valuable and genuine information & write in an easy and understandable language so every reader can have a better understanding.

Please share this blog, if it helped you and you think it will be beneficial to others like you. Also please suggest for better improvements in this site