Can I Activate My First Premier Credit Card Using Any Online Methods?

First Premier Credit Card activation

Credit card is not everyone’s cup of tea if you don’t know how to use them properly. The first important thing is getting it activated safely. First, Premier Bank is the suitable option if you are the one who wants to improve your credit score while having the discount benefit.

If you want to activate your First premium credit card, then you must read this blog to learn how to activate it in the right manner and explore other important aspects of credit card activation.

Every credit card has a similar method of activation; it can be done either online through its official website or by calling customer support. However, certain things may vary depending on the card.
So, we will go one by one on how to activate the first premier card.

The majority of credit cards can be activated online, but first, premier cards don’t have an option for online activation due to security reasons. Simply call (800) 987-5521 or check the number on the backside of your credit card. Follow the instructions by the executive through the call and set the PIN accordingly.

You might need to pay the security deposit or the program fee based on the type of credit card you have. Enter the security code (CVV number) and credit card number. Once you complete payment and all these formalities, you are likely to get your credit card in 7 to 10 business days.

If you want to check your credit card status, you need to enroll on the first premier bank website and create your account. If you are already enrolled, then simply log in using the username and password. Check the screenshots below for more ideas.

You can enroll here by clicking this link: . You might be required to provide your SSN and credit card number, so make sure to keep your card with you and fill in the details accurately with presence of mind.

Once you login to your profile, you can manage your first premier account, passwords, automatic payments, pay your bills, view bank statements, and track your transaction details.

Benefits of having first premier card:

First Premier card is the best choice if you use credit cards on a regular basis. It has numerous benefits like:
1) You get a certain percentage of cashback and rewards
2) It has anti-fraud measures
3) Robust securities

Final words

Did you find the above article useful? We all issue credit cards in our daily lives as they are the crucial part that makes buying things easier. If you want to activate your first premier credit card, then consider the above things and get it done in the right way. In case of any difficulty, you should always seek expert help because the credit card is a sensitive thing that might get locked if you make any wrong attempts. Feel free to drop your ideas in the comment section below regarding credit card activation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I pay with a First Premier credit card?

There are several ways to pay for your First PREMIER Bank credit card: online, over the phone, through mail, on the First PREMIER Bank mobile app, and in person at a branch. You can pay your First PREMIER Bank credit card bill online by going into your online account and searching for the payment option. Next, determine the payment amount, payment date, and payment location. Furthermore, cardholders cannot use First PREMIER Bank to set up automated payments.

How much credit score do I need for First Premier Bank?

Although there is no minimum or acceptable credit score, Premier Bank accepts consumers with “poor/fair credit.” To put it simply, you can contact the company and chat with one of its bankers to find out more about your credit score or creditworthiness.

Can I improve my credit score with First Premier Bank?

No bank can improve your credit score; it totally depends on you if you maintain it well. Here are a few things you can do to have a good credit score. Clear all credit card bills and loan payments if any time to time. If you really wanna improve your credit score, try not to exceed than your regular credit limit. However, this is how most credit card companies operate. PREMIER is not a unique case.

Can I have a pre-approved First Premier credit card?

Yes, Pre-approval is available from First PREMIER Bank; however, it is limited to offers that are sent by mail, email, or current customers’ online accounts. Customers who are interested in checking the status of their pre-approval cannot use an online facility provided by First PREMIER Bank. Additionally, First PREMIER Bank’s postal or emailed pre-approved offers are only good for one particular credit card, as opposed to online pre-approvals that could return results for several cards with the highest odds of approval.

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