Oakley First Responder Discount For Heroes Who Serve

Since the 1980s, Oakley has been proudly serving the United States Military and First Responders to improve soldiers’ and security personnel’ safety, performance, and comfort. The company aims to design the best products, from eyewear to apparel and accessories, to protect the country heroes who work endlessly every day and night to safeguard our country and Communities.

Oakley engineers the world’s best sunglasses, ballistic eyewear, apparel, accessories, and footwear to provide unrivaled protection to heroes.

The best thing is that Oakley Standard Issue membership is totally free, which gives members access to amazing Oakley products at a reasonable price. They have built a strong program over several decades and work hard to keep the program’s integrity for those who serve.

If you are a front-line worker, you should go to the Oakley SI website and buy high-quality products at incredibly low prices.

To receive the Oakley First Responder Discount, you must first verify your status as a First Responder with ID.me. You can use your First Responder Discount as many times as you want at Oakley Standard Issue, but you must re-verify your account with ID.me to keep receiving discounts in the future.

Oakley is currently offering a First Responder Discount of up to 60% OFF. We all love discounts; if you want to claim the Oakley first responder discount, read the blog carefully.
Below are the six easy steps to get a First Responder discount:

Steps for verification:

1. Login or signup with your username and password at ID.me.
2. Go to My ID and select First Responder.
3. Select the status of your First Responder.
4. Fill in your necessary details and upload documents that verify your role as a first responder.
6. Once you are successfully done with the verification process, your discount will be applied at the checkout.

How many times can I claim Oakley’s first responder discount?

There is no limitation, the first Responder Discount can be claimed as many times as you want at Oakley Standard Issue, but you must re-verify your profile with ID.me to receive the next discount.

Winding up:
If you require additional support or help with claiming Oakley First Responder Discount, contact (800) 403-7449 or email at customercare@oakley.com.

Looking to save money at Oakley? Shopping is always fun, but it’s double fun when it has amazing rewards like First Responder Discount. Don’t forget to check out Oakley’s Clearance Sale Page for products with discounts of up to 50%. Also, sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss exciting deals on upcoming promotions.

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