How to Redeem Steam Gift Card Codes?

Want to know how to redeem Steam codes? This step by step guide will tell how to do it via Steam website, Mobile app, and Steam program.

Stick to this guide and how to do it easily.

The Steam gift card is equivalent to a gift certificate. The Steam codes can be used to activate the games in your Steam account. You can redeem gift card as well as wallet code on the Steam website. The gift card allows you purchase games or software of your choice. It will be added into the wallet credit so that you can purchase any other item as well.

The following information will help you redeem Steam gift card in different ways so that you can make the most of your investment:

How to Redeem Steam Gift Card Codes

Where to enter the Steam code?

You can enter the Steam code on the website. The code can be entered on the desktop program and with the help of the Steam mobile app as well. If you purchase codes in a different region, they will be converted into the local currency automatically.

As soon as you enter the code, the balance of the redeem gift card will be added to the Steam Wallet. When you check out from the Steam store, you can make part or full payment with the Steam code.

Using the Steam Code on the Website

You can find the code on the backside of the card. As you remove the scratched layer, you can find the code on the Steam Wallet Card. The entire code will be revealed by using a coin or any other scratcher.

  • You should open the browser on your laptop or desktop and the code should be entered on the Steam website to redeem your cards. The procedure is same in the browser whether you access the website with the desktop or mobile phone.
  • Open the website, to enter the wallet funds on the website.
  • If you have not signed into the Steam website, you will be required to enter the username and password to access your account. If you accessed the site recently, the website will be opened automatically when you select the remember password option.
  • You should sign in to your account before using the code so that the amount will reflect in your account. If the amount is redeemed without signing into your account, it will not reflect in the account.
  • The Steam code should be entered as it appears on the gift card.
  • You are required to enter the address if you have never used the Steam code before. By entering the local address, the currency conversion (if necessary) will take place automatically.
  • You should confirm the amount that will be added to the Steam Wallet. If the code is confirmed, the amount will reflect in your account and you will not be able to use the same code again. If there was currency conversion, the information will be conveyed by the Steam automatically.
  • The amount added through the gift card will reflect in your account and you can find it beneath the name on the upper left-hand corner of the website. It will not take more than 2 hours to reflect the fund in your account.

Using the Steam code on mobile app

The Steam mobile app can be used to redeem Steam codes. As you tap the menu button present on the left side of the screen, you will find several additional options. You should select ‘Store’ option from the menu.

  1. As you click on ‘Account details’ in the submenu, you will reach the account details page.
  2. By tapping on the ‘add funds to your Steam Wallet’, you will reach a screen where additional funds will be added.
  3. By tapping on ‘Redeem a Steam gift card’ you will be able to enter the Steam code.
  4. You can enter the code from the gift card or email. The code should be entered diligently.
  5. If you are prompted to enter the address, you should enter the address so that the currency conversion will take place automatically as per your location.
  6. After the addition of the code, you should review and confirm the amount. If the money is converted into local currency, it will be done as per the exchange rate of the conversion date.
  7. The wallet reflects your new balance. The new balance can be viewed from the ‘Account Details’ page. Thus, you will understand the amount present in the Steam Wallet without any difficulty.

In most of the cases, the funds will appear in your account immediately. If there is a delay it will not be more than two hours.

How to Redeem Codes on Steam program

The redeeming procedure with Steam program will be similar to the redeeming process on the website. The codes are redeemed directly from the desktop application.

After adding the code to your Steam account, you can buy various items such as software and games as per your needs.

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