Pluto TV Channel Lineup 2023 [New] [Updated]

Pluto TV Channel Lineup 2023

Pluto TV Channel Lineup – Guys!! Do you want to know about the Pluto TV Channel Lineup 2023? Then let me tell, you have come to the right place cause here in this post, you will get all kinds of information you need to know about the Pluto TV Channel List 2023. So please check this article at last.

Pluto TV Channel Lineup

Pluto TV Movies Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
80s Rewind 95
Action 54
Black Cinema 80
Classic Movies 106
CMT Westerns 103
Comedy 57
Cult Films 109
Documentaries 91
Drama 60
Fantastic 66
Flicks of Fury 112
Horror 75
Paramount Movie Channel 100
Pluto TV Spotlight 51
Romance 70
Terror 76
The Asylum 115
Thrillers 74

Pluto TV Entertainment Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Awesomeness TV 194
Baywatch 142
Bet Star Her Pluto TV 175
Bet Star Pluto TV 174
British TV 154
CMT Pluto TV 182
Complex 197
Deal or No Deal 165
Degrassi 144
Demand Africa 172
ET Live 190
Game Show Central 167
Judge Nosey 160
Leverage 140
Logo Pluto TV 187
MTV Pluto TV 178
People TV 192
Pluto TV Love Stories 147
Pluto TV Suspense 149
SciFi 151
Star Trek 150
Stories by AMC 135
TV Land Drama 130

Pluto TV News + Opinion Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
America’s Voice 240
Blaze Live 238
Bloomberg Television 224
BNC 230
C Net 228
CBSN 204
CBSN Los Angeles 207
CBSN New York 206
Cheddar 226
CNN 209
NBC News 212
NBC News Now 213
Newsmax TV 236
OAN Encore 242
Pluto TV News 202
Sky News 221
The F1rst 244
Today 234
Top Stories by Newsy 232
TYT Network 246
WeatherNation 217

Pluto TV Reality TV Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
All Reality WE TV 310
American Gladiators 303
Black Ink Crew 285
Celebrity 320
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 315
Drama Life 332
Fear Factor 301
Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Uncensored 294
Lives 276
Love & Hip Hop 283
MTV Dating 330
People are Awesome 340
Reality 275
Rescue 911 277
Spike Outdoors 291
Spike Pluto TV 290
Survivor 296
The Amazing Race 297
The Challenge 298
VH-1 Hip Hop Family 284
VH-1 I Love Reality 282
Wipeout 305

Pluto TV Crime Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Cold Case Files 373
Cops 367
Court TV 395
Crime/Drama 350
CSI 355
DOG the Bounty Hunter 381
Forensic Files 370
Midsomer Murders 385
The New Detectives 376
True Crime 365
Unsolved Mysteries 379

Pluto TV Comedy Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
AFV TV 494
Comedy Central Pluto TV 465
Comedy Central Stand-Up 466
Failarmy 498
Funny AF 450
Laugh Out Loud! Network 462
Mystery Science Theater 3000 488
Rifftrax 489
Slightly Off by IFC 458
Stand Up TV 468
Tosh.O 470
TV Land Sitcoms 455
Wild’N Out 480

Pluto TV Classic TV Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Buzzr 540
Classic Toons 548
Classic TV Comedy 501
Classic TV Drama 520
Dark Shadows 535
Doctor Who Classic 532
Johnny Carson TV 514
Shout Factory TV 542
The Addams Family 511
The Carol Burnett Show 516
The Rifleman 529
Three’s Company 508
Western TV 526

Pluto TV Home + DIY Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
America’s Test Kitchen 605
Antiques Roadshow UK 621
AWE Encore 647
Cats 24/7 635
Dabl 614
Dogs 24/7 636
Faith TV 643
Food TV 601
Front Door 612
Lively Place 615
Pluto TV Best Life 630
TBN 644
The Pet Collective 637
This Old House 618
Weddings 632

Pluto TV Explore Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Adventure TV 675
Animals 666
Biography 660
Cars 663
Chassy 687
History 651
Loupe 694
Military 655
Nature Escape 692
Pluto TV Paranormal 669
Science 672
Slow TV 696
Travel 678
Voyager Documentaries 681

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Pluto TV Sports Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Bein Sports Xtra 740
Bellator MMA 730
Bigsky Conference 752
CBS Sports HQ 702
Fight 726
FOX Sports 705
Fubo Sports Network 745
Glory Kickboxing 736
Impact! Wrestling 734
MLS 712
NFL Channel 708
PGA Tour 713
Pluto TV Action Sports 759
Pluto TV Backcountry 755
Pluto TV Sports 725
Pursuit UP 756
Red Bull TV 762
Stadium 748
WPT 770

Pluto TV Gaming + Anime Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Anime All Day 830
GamePlay Roblox 816
Gamer 801
Gamespot 806
IGN 805
Minecraft TV 815
Naruto 836
Tokushoutsu 848

Pluto TV Music Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Hillsong Channel 898
Live Music 855
MTV Biggest Pop 870
MTV Block Party 868
MTV Spankin’ New 869
Vevo Pop 890
YO! 873

Pluto TV Latino Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Cine 902
Cine Acción 904
Cine Terror 905
Cocina 956
Combate World 970
Comedy Central Latino 967
Forensic Files en Español 933
Investiga 936
Kids Animation 976
Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide 971
MTV Latino 965
Mundo 959
Narco Novellas 944
Naturaleza 962
Novelas Drama 942
Novelas Romance 941
Novelas Thriller 943
Nuestra Vision 920
Pluto TV Cine Estelar 901
Realities en Español 953
Spike Aventura 950
Telenovelas Clasicas 940
The Walking Dead Español 925

Pluto TV Kids Channel Lineup

Channel Name Channel Number
Dora TV 985
KIDS 989
Little Baby Bum 995
Nick Jr. Latino 998
Nick Jr. Pluto TV 978
Nick Latino 997
Nick Pluto TV 977
Pocket Watch 993
Totally Turtles 983
Tween 991

Heads-up! As a part of this new Pluto TV Channel lineup, some of your personal content may have moved to a new or existing channel created around similar content. Please see below to find out what’s moved! 

 Pluto TV Indies  Pluto TV Drama, Pluto TV Comedy, Pluto TV Thrillers
 Criss Angel Mindfreak  Pluto TV Reality
 McLeod’s Daughters  Pluto TV Love Stories
 Fuse  Pluto TV Reality, Celebrity, Food TV, Travel, Live Music Replay
 MTV The Hills  Pluto TV Drama Life
 MTV Are You The One  MTV Dating
 MTV Guy Code  MTV Pluto, Funny AF, Comedy Central Animation
 MTV Cribs  PTV Celebrity, PTV Best Life
 VH1 RuPaul’s Drag Race  Logo Pluto TV
 Crank Yankers  Comedy Central Pluto TV, Funny AF
 THC  Funny AF
 Pluto TV Her Dramas  PTV Love Stories, PTV Suspense
 Sportsgrid  PTV Sports
 Pluto TV Tech  CNET, Best Life
 Anime All Ages  Anime All-Dubs, Yu-Gi-Oh Channels
 4K  Travel, Slow TV, Food TV, PTV Science
 Nick Movies  PTV Tweens
 Nick Games  PTV Tweens, Nick
 Classic TV  Classic TV Comedy, Classic TV Drama
Today’s Top Story  content no longer available on Pluto TV
RT America   content no longer available on Pluto TV

About Pluto TV Channel

Pluto TV is a U.S. internet television service controlled and run by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS. Co-founded by Ilya Pozin, Tom Ryan, and Nick Grouf in 2013 and based in Los Angeles, California, Pluto is an advertiser-supported video-on-demand service that primarily gives a selection of programming content through digital linear channels designed to follow the experience of traditional broadcast programming. The service’s revenue is generated from video advertisements seen during programming within ad breaks that are structured similarly to those found on television.

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